Scalable, fully linked HTML export tool

[edit:I removed executable attachment.]

HTML View generates a complete set of properly linked html files representing a view of your music library. The html theme is based on Milka's work. It requires as input a text file containing various tag fields. Runtime for my library of 660 artists, 1700 albums, 16000 tracks is 3 minutes to generate 1800 linked html files. Each html file is of reasonable size, allowing quick loading time and efficient, enjoyable browsing. All cover art in jpg or png format residing in the folder containing the music tracks is incorporated. Ordering of artwork is controllable in a basic manner.

Compilation albums must be tagged by "album artist" field containing exactly the string "Various Artists". Band and composer information is displayed under each track listing. Band information is stored in "band" field in format of "name1:instrument, ... , instrumentN; ... nameN:instrument, ... , instrumentX;" Composer information is stored in "composer" field in format of "name1, name2, ... nameN"

The mte file is listed below. (It may be necessary to combine all but the last line into one line for it to work properly. I split it into multiple lines here for readability.) The output file of this mp3tag export process is the input to HTML View.

album_artist^%album artist%

HTML View does not explicitly remove old files before creating a new set of HTML files. Stale HTML files may remain after HTML View completes. These stale files will not be referenced or linked to from the newly created set of files.

The "flat" mode of operation is not completely tested. Using "with music file" is recommended and will place each album overview file (and .m3u file) in the folder which holds the tracks for that album. The top level album list files will be written to the folder that contains the export file created by Mp3Tag. This should be the root directory of your music library.

HTML View is written in C++ using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and uses MFC. Feel free to request and modify the code to suit your purposes and music library structure.

Do not move the executable from the bin directory. However, you may create a shortcut to the executable from where ever you wish.

Here is the executable (win32).

Attachment 2478 not found.

This fails to work for me. I downloaded the file, unzipped, then tried to open the exe with no luck. It gave me a notice about a missing DLL, so I found it on google. Tried again, missing a different DLL. Anyway, now I no longer get a notice about a missing DLL, instead:

"The ordinal 5076 could not be located in the dynamic link library MFC42D.DLL"

Scratches Head

The file is linked dynamically against the debug version of MFC (most likely using Visual C++ 6.0). There is very little chance in getting this running in its current state.

I am unable to upload the statically linked executable of my export tool. The zip file size is 291 kB.
Is there a way to upload this file? I deleted the attachment to my original post, but this did not help.

No registration necessary to upload files.

can you email me this file?

Here is a link to a statically linked version of MP3 Lib View.exe -

Let me know if it works for you

doesnt work - I get empty squares for cover art, some album files are empty (zero bytes) with no file extension, and none display any track names.

I attached a screen shot

Sorry - I have not looked at this code in several months.
There are several resource files and text files that are also needed.

This is a link to a zip file. Unzip it and make a directory named bin under the "MP3 Lib View" directory.
Place the executable in the bin directory.

Make sure that your music directory structure looks like "..../artist/album/album tracks"

Also make sure the input file looks like the two example lines below.
Some of the fields (such as "band") can be empty.

path^G:\My Music\iTunes\Miles Davis\In A Silent Way\1-01 Shhh _ Peaceful.flac album_artist^ artist^Miles Davis composer^Miles Davis album^In A Silent Way title^Shhh / Peaceful track^01 totaltracks^2 totaldiscs^ source^cd year^1969 genre^Jazz band^Miles Davis:trumpet; discnumber^1/1 samplerate^44100 bitrate^726 sizemb^93.87 length^18:03
path^G:\My Music\iTunes\Miles Davis\In A Silent Way\1-02 In A Silent Way _ It's About That Time.flac album_artist^ artist^Miles Davis composer^Miles Davis, Joe Zawinul album^In A Silent Way title^In A Silent Way / It's About That Time track^02 totaltracks^2 totaldiscs^ source^cd year^1969 genre^Jazz band^Miles Davis:trumpet; discnumber^1/1 samplerate^44100 bitrate^474 sizemb^67.76 length^19:57