Scan for mp3-files not ending with /.mp3/


I would like to be able to scan and include audio-files that contain different audio file extensions, but not placed at the end of the filename.

I have a bunch of files that are used for a website and for security reasons I have added a random unique id at the end of the filename after .mp3 extension. Example:

  • .mp3.9b1c93a6864c39e48417ee486b83c387

This meand tha Mp3-Tag won't find the files at the moment.
Is this possible to achieve in some way using scripting or omething?


You can set in
which files MP3tag reads. Apparently it is not possible to append the list by ., so you have to find a way to get a decent extention for these files.
You may be forced to rename the files back again.

You may do this with a command shell command.
In W7/w8 proceed as follows:
Open Explorer
Navigate to a folder with such files
Shift-Right click on the folder and select the function "Open command shell here" from the context menu
In the command shell enter the following command:
ren .mp3. *.mp3
This may lead to stacked extensions of mp3 but will add the mp3 at the end. You may rename the files afterwards.

I would try this with one folder first. If you are confident, that this leads to the desired results, you may navigate to the topmost folder and use this command:
ren /s .mp3. *.mp3
This treats files in subfolders as well.


Thanks for the reply.
I will have a look at that and see what I can do.