Scanning MP3s for Live Recordings

I am looking for a program that is able to scan MP3s and recognize live-recordings. I think it should be possible to recognize many (cenrtainly not all) live recordings by its typical applause at the beginning or the end of the recording.

Does anything like this exist already?


Fingerprinting as used by MusicBrainz perhaps.


MusicBrainz is for recognizing individual songs. That's not what I am looking for.

I have a lot of Live-Recordings, that are recognizable tagged or named as live-records.
I would like to add "(Live)" to their title-tag without working on each individual MP3 manually.

The software should be able to identify the typical sound pattern of applause, that can come along in very different ways.


There should be a difference between the fingerprint for a live recording and it's studio version, and as the metadata is assigned to the particular recording by a human being the success rate is going to be greater than merely analysing (which would be some form of fingerprinting anyway) the first few seconds looking for applause - what about songs where the crowd is merely silent in anticipation?

Ultimately I'd simply listen to them...


Well, nothing I perfect and I know, that there is no way to avoid individual work to identify all of the live recordings. What I am hoping for is an automatic solution that works for maybe 80 %.

A lot of my Live-MPs are very far away from mainstream and even have not been released on a CD. So I don't think MusicBrainz will bring much success.