Schoolboy Error

I ripped and tagged a bunch of files (~1000), comprising Various Artists Albums and Individual Artists Albums. In a fit of madness, I deleted the Compilation Extended Tag (1).
How do I restore this tag?


Once deleted, you have to restore it manually. But perhaps you have a way to filter those files that are part of the compilation.
Select the compilation files
Press Alt-T for Extended Tags Dialogues
Click "New" button
Select "Compilation" from the list
Enter "1" in the text box
Click OK until all dialogues are closed.

Thanks o
Difficulty now is that on creating a Compilation Column the 1 is not shown for the Compilation (Various Artists) Albums which have been tagged with 1

For the column definition you would have to enter %compilation% for Value and for Field.

Thank you ohrenkino!!!
How the hell do you remember all of these things????

I think he is a robot from the future. And DetlevD must be a robot from the past