Script Equivalent of "CTRL-S"?


I'm wondering if there is a scripting equivalent of CTRL-S? In other words, is it possible to add something to a script that would immediately write all of the tags in the tag panel to the selected files, before executing the next line of the script?

Here's what I'm getting at:

I usually tag entire folders to populate the ALBUM field with the contents of DATE and VENUE and some other fields. I enter the date and venue by hand, and then I have a script to populate ALBUM. That script works fine. Like all(?) "Format" scripts, when it runs it flushes the altered tag to disc, the files, no problem.

The problem is: before running the script, I need to manually save the contents of the tag panel to disc. If I just run my ALBUM script, the script thinks that DATE and VENUE are blank. I guess it reads from the file, not from the tag panel. So I need to use mouse or keyboard to save everything first.

Being both lazy and geeky, what I want to do is add a line to the script that says "write the tag panel to disc," just like clicking the save icon would do. So, like this:

Format value "ALBUM" : $if($and(%year%,%venue%,%source%),%year% - %venue% - %source%,%year% - %venue%)

Is there a scripting equivalent of "CTRL-S" that will pick up whatever is in the tag panel and flush it to disc?

Maybe there's a better way to do this? I suppose I could start the script with something like:

Format value "DATE" : %date%

. . . . and so forth for each of the tags I want saved. But that's not very flexible.

Sorry if I've missed the obvious . . . . Thanks.

As any action saves the modifications at the end, there is no need to invoke an extra "save" command.
Also, it may not be desired to automatically write changes - you would then be deprived of the "discard" function.
In general i think it is best to know what one is doing, including pressing Ctrl-S.

But the action only saves the tags that the action modifies. It does not save any other tags that have been modified by hand in the tag panel but not yet saved to disc, and that is what I want to do before the rest of my script runs.

That is my choice to make, and in this case it is desired to automatically write changes. Please, help me to accomplish my goal, instead of telling me that my goal should be something different.

Then I cannot help you. Sorry.