Script Equivalent to DOS wildcard

Having spent considerable time searching this forum to avoid seeming stupid, I am now donning a dunce cap and am asking for help. I have a jpeg cover art file in each of my Album subdirectories, each with a different name. I can't seem to define a format string for the image file that results in anything except an access error. If I actually specify the name of the file, the Action works fine. It's only when I attempt to some up with what I refer to as a wildcard filename.

Currently there is no wildcard allowed when importing an image file.

If composing of the name of the image file out of tag field content using the tag field placeholders does not work for all filename cases, then try to group the different cases and handle each case separatly.

Another way is to rename all image files to a unique name, which can be adressed by a unique format string.


Thank you for the response. (I just noticed my "some" shb "come" but apparently you knew what I meant anyway.) I will stop trying variations of the import action and follow your suggestion towards a unique format string to rename all of them. You've made an old man happy!