Script for Automating Routine Procedures

Is it possible for mp3tag to carry out a set of regular procedures e.g.

  • open a directory to load all contents of folders
  • sort by "path" to get all arranged files in required order
  • select all (ctrl + a)
  • use 'autonumber-wizard' to number all tracks with "reset counter for each directory" checked

Purpose of this is to complete missing tag (track) information from downloaded podcasts and have these organised in libraries in track order using tag info.

Appreciate any help :slight_smile:

has to be done by you

that depends on the current sorting criteria. If you set MP3tag to sort path, it is done

There is an option for that in Tools>options>General

The autonumbering wizard can only be called manually.
Alternatively, you can create an action of the type
Format value for TRACK
Format string: %_counter%

If you want to sort podcasts then I would use the data of RELEASETIME as filenames could lead to new orders every time a new podcast is added.

This is dependant on the release having such information in the tags, and often it's missing. Instead, what I've been doing is adding the publish date to the filename as it's downloaded.