Script Functions


Can you confirm that $upper and $caps don't work anymore in export?
And what exactly is $mul("x", y) for?


No, both functions are working fine here. Can you please post or mail your export configuration.

Multiply "x" with "y". Some user wanted to mass-add the SONGLEN field (time in milliseconds), so I've added this function to add this field by using a formatstring like $mul("%_length%", 1000) at Actions, Format value.

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~ Florian


They all work in the Exportheader here, but not in the record or footer. No matter how simple the export line is.

also makes it fail in the header.
I mailed you a test config.


This is an issue with the parser for the script functions I can't resolve. It took me the whole day to realize that, but I don't see a solution for that :frowning:


This line will expand the %_folderpath% parameter to an absolute folderpath like C:\Music</i> so it becomes
<a href="file:///C:\Music">$upper("%_extension%")
Please note the bold part which will mask/escape the quote. This way, the parser assumes, that >$upper( belongs into the quotes and won't detect the function name.

You can resolve this problem, by adding an additional space after the placeholder:

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~ Florian


Ok thank you for researching this problem. :slight_smile:

Do the functions (with simple usage) work for you everywhere?

QUOTE (d4n0 @ Jun 13 2004, 11:42 AM)

Do the functions (with simple usage) work for you everywhere?

Yes, they work flawless here after removing the obvious <td ... lines. Please send me your modified export configuration if you still encounter problems.

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~ Florian


Sorry I get it now, this line will screw all lines after it and not only its own line.
It's ok now.