Script search for a word in a single column

Hi my eroes.

I cannot search for a particular word or character in a single field (column). how do you do it in the filter?
Thank you

If you want to filter for a word (the topic title talks about "script search") then
see the help:

with particular attention to the example

genre IS Rock AND artist HAS Stone

Genre is "Rock" and artist contains "Stone"
and a number of other examples.
You open the help with F1 or the Menu Help>Help Topics

I've read everything before. But I don't understand how it's done.
for example.
I have to find the "-" character in the title column which contains many lines.

%title% HAS -
If you look only for hyphens in titles like
"Pigs - three different ones"
then use
%title% HAS " - "

Thank you very much. My mistake was that I also entered <>.