'script' tag?

I have a few non-English songs in my library, when viewed in mp3tag it looks fine:

Artist: Кино
Title: Война

But when I view the files in windows explorer (winxp), all I see is "????" for both tag values...

Anyone have any idea why this is happening and how it can be fixed? I have other Russian songs with Russian letters in the tags which show up fine in both mp3tag and windows.

Also, I opened the file in MusicBrainz Picard Tagger, and looking at the file metadata details I see the following tag and corresponding value: 'Script: Cyrl'

But I didn't see such a tag when I viewed 'extended tags' in mp3tag. I don't that the 'Cyrl' value is my problem though, because some of the songs that show up fine in windows have it as well.

I was trying to poke around and figure this out for a some time but I'm stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello M.A.X.!

I think the problem resides on the fact that you have Cyril characters in those tag fields. Don't know for sure if Mp3tag supports them or if it is a language pack fault. Check with the devs, they'll have a sure answer for that problem.

Take care! :slight_smile:

Alright, I think I partially figured out what the problem is:

I opened the problematic files in TagScanner and noticed that all the files that had problems displaying in windows and WMP were of the following format: ID3v2.3@UTF8, while the songs which were displaying fine were ID3v2.3@UTF16. (Both formats seemed to display fine in mp3tag and MusicBrainz Picard tagger).

After some searching online it appears that Windows Media Player does not support the UTF-8 Unicode encoding in ID3v2 tags, but does support UTF-16. I'm assuming the same lack of support is present with windows explorer in WinXP?

Now, my question is, is it possible to switch or re-encode the problematic files from UTF-8 into UTF-16? Also, as mentioned above, I used TagScanner to identify this discrepancy, is there a way to similarly view the ID3 version of a file using mp3tag? (I would like to avoid using TagScanner if I can, I really dislike the UI).


I solved this problem by opening all the problematic files in MP3tag and just saving them (ID3v2.3@UTF-16 is the default for the tagger so simply opening and saving everything works).

I also realized that you can add a new column in the main view which will show the ID3v2 character encoding type. To do this: customize columns > new > value/field = '%_id3v2_character_encoding%' (Information Fields > id3v2_chracter_encoding). This allowed me to easily identify all the problematic ID3v2.3 UTF-8 tags and ensure all my tags were UTF-16.

The interesting thing I noticed with Windows Media Player 11 is that for some reason it was able to open some of the ID3v2.4 (UTF-8) tags, even though I read there was no support for them in the player. It opened and played fine, the basic tags such as Artist, Title, etc showed up fine, but some other tags (such as 'comments') didn't show up (even though I could see there were values in the comments tag by viewing the same file in mp3tag). Any ideas why this is the behavior?

Thank you for figuring this problem!

To be honest i never had problems with character encoding files but next time i'll pay attention to this issue. Fortunatelly, i trully hate WMP and i sincerelly belive that comment issue is a WMP bug.

Thanks for the valuable information!