Scripting Cover Art Import


I've searched around and I am sorry if I have missed this. Is there anyway to script updating high quality coverart and embedding it in files (in my case WMA files). I understand how to do this by hand, but it's going to be a long process for me if this is the only way (1000+ ripped cd's). I know there are some choices to make when selecting album art, but I think a combination of freedb + importing from may work.

If mp3tag can't do this functionality, any advice on a another tool would be appreicated. I really like mp3tag, it's a great program!



I've tried using some other programs and none seem to work the way I want to.

If anyone is interested I am willing to pay $100 US dollars to write a script to do this. I will pay via paypal.

Please send me a PM or respond to this thread.


I'm interested in such a programm too. But I don't think it will possible. IMHO, there are too many possibilities to match the one and only right cover art to a single album. :frowning: