Scripting functions in Web Sources Framework


I would like to use Scripting functions in Web Sources Framework. Is it possible? For example something like this:

outputto "ALBUM"
say $left(%artist%,20)

(OK, it's a dummy example, it can be done in different ways, but there are more difficult cases than this.)


It's not possible at the moment.

Can you give a concrete example? Maybe we find a workaround for that.

Hey Florian,

Thank you for your answer.

I wanted to write the releasetime, this format: YYYY-MM-DD and from that write the date with a function this format: DDMM. So, using sayregexp for the releasetime and using a function for the date.

Fortunately I found another way. (It works with beatport):

outputto "RELEASETIME"
sayregexp "(?<=releaseDate":")[^"]+" #YYYY-MM-DD

outputto "YEAR"
sayregexp "(?<=releaseDate":")\d\d\d\d" #YYYY

outputto "DATE"
sayregexp "(?<=releaseDate":"\d\d\d\d-\d\d-)\d\d" #DD
sayregexp "(?<=releaseDate":"\d\d\d\d-)\d\d" #MM

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