Scripts in Tag Sources folder no longer loading

I hadn't used the MP3tag app for Mac in about 2 weeks and when I last did, running 1.6.2, all of my external scripts where loading and working perfectly.

When I opened it yesterday to run the songs downloaded via my DJ Pool subscription through my tagging workflow, I noticed that the scripts were no longer showing under the Tag Sources menu. The "Open Tag Sources Folder" menu option opens the right folder, where I can see the scripts, so I know they are still in the right location.

I know the following did change during the 2 week interval but cannot put the finger on what exactly broke the script loading feature:

  • Mp3tag was uploaded to 1.6.3
  • I installed the macOS 12.6 security update
  • I updated XCode following the OS security update
  • I installed the XCode Command Line Tools

Following the process of elimination, I:

  • Uninstalled the XCode Command Line Tools (made no difference)
  • Uninstalled XCode (made no difference)
  • Installed 1.6.2 in parallel with 1.6.3 (no longer works in 1.6.2 either)

That last step is what leads me to believe either something in the macOS security update, or something changed by the XCode update or Command Line Tools install did not revert correctly when uninstalled, leading to a setting or permission not being correct for Mp3tag to function normally.

Any advice on what I am missing/could try next would be greatly appreciated. Is there a specific log I can turn to for a hint as to why the scripts aren't loading?

Just wanted to let you know, that I currently have not yet an idea on why the tag sources are not listed anymore. I've analyzed the code and thought about it for quite some time now, but with no good idea (yet).

Are you using an official version from the Mac App Store or purchased via my website or is this from any of the "alternative" download sources?

I'm asking, because I often get support requests with puzzling behavior only to learn at some point that the binary was patched — which naturally often results in undefined behavior.

I installed 1.6.3 via the app store.
For the parallel install of 1.6.2 to troubleshoot, I downloaded the trial version directly from the website.

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OK, thank you for clarifying.

Is the folder that's opening when you choose Tag Sources → Open Tag Sources Folder the same as this one?

~/Library/Containers/app.mp3tag.Mp3tag/Data/Library/Application Support/Mp3tag/Sources/

And do the tag sources in that folder have the .src file extension?

You put me on the right path.

It was actually a .inc file that had a typo in it's name as a result of re-copying scripts from the Win (Parallels) folders to the Mac folders.

All is well in tagging land.

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