Scrolling Action drop down List with the mouse wheel

I would be a lot easier if we could scroll the drop down menu of the Actions etc by the mouse wheel.
If that's not possible it would be nice to split the list in two different lists so we wouldn't have to scroll all the time.

I do not think that the list of actions is a real dropdown list but a dropdown menu. And menus do not have a scrollbar but only scroll arrows. I would think it is a problem of the windows function.

Ok i understand, what about having two dropdown menus then? It would be so easier.

Also there are times a nice feature works but not always, whenever i point to the litlle arrow this list is scrolling automatically without having to click it. I wonder though why it's not always working.

You can several shorter menus if you group the actions.
For this use the letter # as separator between the group name and the individual function, e.g.

edit#The Lyrics

This would create 2 main menu groups, one named "edit", the other "replace".
The "edit" menu would have 3 function: Album, Composer, The Lyrics. Similar for the "replace" menu.
Like that the individual menus get shorter.

Ohh really i didn't know that.:astonished:

I will give it a try and i will communicate again to tell you if this helped me.

Thank you for the support, you are awesome. Big Up!