Search a field and append another with the results

Hi all, I've just started learning the true power and flexibility of Mp3tag with its Actions. I've learned how to append fields from the FAQ.

However, what I'm trying to do is more difficult than I can handle at this point which is to search two fields, parent directory/folder name and the notes field, for 'XRCD' and/or 'vinyl' (regardless of case).

If one or both are found, append XRCD or Vinyl to the comment field.
If both are found, append XRCD;Vinyl to the comment field for example.

Would someone kindly show me how this might be done?

I've tried format value with two steps but the comment field of course will add either/or, not both.
I don't know the proper syntax to append both (separated by a ';').



You could try a filter first
%_filename% HAS XRCD OR %comment% HAS Vinyl
and its variations.
the select the filtered files and apply an action to append the data.

Thank you, that's very helpful and has now opened up another facet of Mp3tag to me.

I'm having a little trouble with Last Name, First Name sorting for the ArtistSort field.

I've created an action group as follows:


2=$2, $1 (also tried $2 $1 with no comma)

Tried it on the following FLAC album (removed all other tags):
Artist: Bill Evans
Album: At Town Hall
Year: 1967

Result was the same, Bill Evans, not Evans, Bill which is what I was expecting in the ArtistSort field.

I have also tried the below to no effect (found here on the forums) what could I be doing wrong?


Did some more searching for lastname, firstname sorting and I found this post from the very helpful DetlevD and it works.

1=(.) (.)
2=$2, $1

I noticed it did not have the backslash character '</b>' so I'm figuring my earlier troubles have something to do with how the delimiting character is set in my Mp3tag settings.

Edit Indeed that was the problem. I have semicolon set as the delimiting character (tagging FLAC for squeezebox server and would like AC/DC to stay AC/DC) in Mp3tag. I replaced the backslashes with semicolons in the other expressions and they now also sort to lastname, firstname.

see also here:
Switching first and last name of Artist