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Here is what I want to do for an experiment: I have a very large collection of FLAC files, currently in folders organized by the artist/conductor's name. All have been thoroughly tagged using MP3Tag. I would like to search for all files with (for the purposes of the experiment) the composer tag equal to 'Strauss, Richard', and place those files in a new folder titled 'Strauss, R'. In other words, changing the folder hierarchy from the artist to the composer.
Can MP3Tag do this automatically for the entire database? How?

(Why, you ask? Because most music player software supports a folder display and search, but few support search and display by composer. Years ago when I was ripping my CDs to FLAC files, I placed them in folders by the conductor (as the artist, NOT album artist) since nearly all the CDs had one conductor for all the tracks, if that makes sense).

Filter the files with
%composer% is

Then select them, use the tag panel to enter the new name (which is quicker than to replace it with an action) and save the changes.
Then you do not say if the files should be distributed to new folders (which means that every file has to be treated individually) or the whole folder should be renamed.
Depending on that you either have to rename the file with Convert>Tag-Filename or the _DIRECTORY with Converter>Tag-Tag.

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