Search and remove "set cover description"

How can I search for files than have "set cover description"?
Also how can I remove it so that it does not display on cover art?
Would also like to select all files and remove "set cover description" at once.
It's not showing up in extended tags that I can see.

Thanks for your help guys.

If you see the album cover in the tag panel, then right-click on the picture and use the functions in the context menu.
If you set the album description to an empty string, it should be removed.

Ok I get how to remove it, but is There a way I can filter just the files that have a description? I not sure what albums have it. Or it could take me forever to find each one.

No, not that I know of... but: if you use MP3diags then this program always "complains" about cover descriptions. So you might use the information of that program.

Great! Thank you for ur help.