Search by: Album (

I'm just a bit more than overwhelmed trying to understand how to use this seemingly powerful program.

Problem: some music files, when clicking "Tag Sources" and (for example), would produce a blank search field (not populated). I looked and there were no characters in "Album" tag. Ok, makes sense. Cannot find how to change the tag it searches on.

I noticed also that for these particular music files, the Title and Artist fields were blank as well. So, I painstakingly pasted into the Title and Artists fields from the File Name field. I was hoping to search an online db using these fields.

No such luck in finding how to change "Search by: Album" to "Search by: Title AND Artist.

I don't know what to do.

I need some "beginner" type directions.

Please Help
Dr. Phyto

You do not have to copy and paste the artist and stuff from filename if the filename is structured in some way.
If that is so, then use the converter > Filename - Tag
and a mask that assigns the data to a tag.
Use the variables e.g.
%artist% - %title%
to copy the data into the tags.

For the album issue, I am afraid that there is very little help as a title can appear on so many album types: the original, the greatest hits, the live version, a soundtrack etc.
An even these come sometimes from so and so many publishers ...
You have to do a little online search yourself to find the right album for this track and all the surrounding tracks which would then determine the collection. In many cases, is a good source. Or you could try musicbrainz picard to get a hint which albums are available.