Search for all tags in title with "remix" but not"remix)"

Hi. Is there a query I can use to find all tags in %title% with "remix" but without "remix)"? I can't seem to figure out the syntax. Basically I am trying to find the titles with a remix portion but is not inside brackets so I can fix them. Thanks!

%title% HAS remix AND NOT %title% HAS remix)

%title% HAS remix AND NOT %title% HAS "remix)"

Neither of them worked. Both gave results with titles that have (* Remix) and not those without.

Any other suggestions?

Yes: please show us the exact string that you entered as filter and possibly a screendump with the results where the title field is shown.

... because it works fine on my machine.

Filter: TITLE HAS "remix" AND NOT TITLE HAS "remix)"


This one works and all I had to do was use ")". Thanks.