Search if one field contains the same information as another


I'm sorting my DJ music collection and want to find out how I can filter if one field (title) contains the same information from another field, specifically if the title contains the same information as the composer.

Pretty much what I want is this:
TITLE HAS %composer%

(Or ideally the opposite of this, showing all the cases where the composer field is not contained within the title)

But this filter doesn't work.

I'm doing this because I want to have a copy of the title tag as a backup (stored arbitrarily in the composer tag), as I amend the comment (Key - BPM) to the end of the title for use when DJing.

If I reanalyse my collection then I need to be able to easily rebuild my title tag (composer + comment). At present my title field is a mess, with some cases having just the title, title + key, title + comment. And some of my composer fields are empty and some contain information other than the copied title.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Adapted from the Filter Howto:

"$ifgreater($strstr(%TITLE%,%COMPOSER%),0,yes,no)" IS yes

I'm not sure if you want to filter/list

the tracks where TITLE has exactly the same content as COMPOSER or if you want to see the tracks where the content of one field is part of another field.

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Yeah filter in this case, cases where the title contains the composer information but not an exact match (titles in these cases have the comment added to them already for example).

This works perfectly thank you!

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