Search in All Fields

If I use in Actions all possible fields, I use _ALL parameter (or %_all%).

But what shall I use in app's Filter Bar, if I need to search in all fields too,
e.g. in that ask:

%genre% MATCHES (?-i) (Folk)

What shall I use in the name %genre% for _ALL to search given word everywhere (from e.g. Genre to Composer)?

I tried %_ALL%, %ALL%, %all%, %_all%, all, ALL — nothing works.
So why I use in need all needed single fields with OR or AND, but that is not so much comfortable.

Thank you!

To search all tag data you simply enter only the filter word, e.g. Folk.
The filter then shows all files that contain the word Folk somewhere and behaves like the operator "HAS".

* MATCHES (?-i) (Folk)
(See also the help file. Press F1 if Filter is active)


I did not know, we have HAS operator. Thank you.

Thank you, it's working.
I did not know, I am able to use Help in that scenario.