Searching filename to generate %title% from multiple hyphens

I have these files that have all hyphens and I'm having a hard time to figuring out a regular expression with a proper guess pattern to populate the Title tag. Here is an example:


So the title is "Oh-Yeah-1Bar"

I can remove the hyphens later to clean it up. I have various files that have variants of the file name with variants of the size of the bpm at the end of file. So my simple search of "everything BETWEEN the hyphens" would then create my %title% for me.

Can someone help me build an expression to have everything "between" the first hyphen to the last hyphen to become my new title tag?

Thank you


Action: Format Value
Field: TITLE
Formatstring: $regexp(%_filename%,.+?-(.+)-.+,$1)

I'll give that a whirl, thank you!