Searching for Duplicate Songs ???


I was wondering if it is possible with MP3Tag to search for duplicates ?

If not, it would be great suggestion to implant a feature like that, where a user can compare certain fields of the ID3Tag in order to get any duplicate songs ! Comparison for the fields.....

AlbumArtist ( Band )
File Name

...... would be great. Not sure if it can be implanted easily !



Dear JCE,

I have used option for files renaming for my 15000 files. Here we go:

  1. assumtion that your tag information is CORRECT
  2. Highlight all files
  3. Choose Convert Tag to File name
  4. Add in front ZZZNOTDUPLICATE_%artist% - %title% - %_bitrate%
  5. Click OK
  6. Sort all files by file name, hit refresh
  7. Highlight all files WITHOUT ZZZNOTDUPLICATE, click right mouse, select MOVE TO then choose your folder for duplicates, click OK.
  8. Refresh
  9. Do Convert againg %artist% - %title% - %_bitrate%
  10. DONE

I wanted to keep files with 128 bitrate for mobile MP3 and original for backup (70 Gb)