Searching for field name only

i've look all around and i can't seem to find anything on this, and maybe i can't but is there a way to search for a single field name only. by this i have a field called single and when i filter that single comes up in a album or title (which is not what i looking for). is there some way to just look for the single field only please?



Try the filter
single PRESENT

Ok i did that nothing showed up. so i'm thinking i have it all clear out but if not should i try %single% present?


... which you could have tried easily in the meantime.
But no, in this case, it does not matter.
Alternatively, you could load all files in which you expect unwanted fields,
select them all,
Press Alt-T to open the extended tags dialogue.
In the extended tags dialogue you see all fields that are in the files, and be it only once.
You can then use the field name to filter for the files that have the field and see the contents for each individual field.

i see thanks for that info.