Secondary Artist Tag ?


I have a lot of existing tags that contain secodaryartist tag, is there a way
for MP3TAG to edit/read these?



Just have a look at the extended tags dialog at View > Tags... [Alt+T].

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Thanks I see the tag now.

I have a tag under extended, it was created with Helium called #HELIUM FEATURED ARTIST
is there a generic tag I should use for a second artist?

I have created a field called SECONDARYARTIST is this acceptable as proper tagging?



Figured it out..

BTW. Great Program !!!



I don't know it exactly but I think the BAND-tag is a field where you can put in such data. But creating own fields isn't forbidden.
But be aware that those fields are not always supported by other progs.


A similar discussion is going on here


I've created a tag and called it SECONDARYARTIST, I had the data in before and I need it for
file naming purposes. The program works great.


I'll have a look..