see description (too hard to explain in title)

ok so here is what im trying to do, i have a many mp3 files named in the format of:

1A - 6 - 128 - arty, nadia ali & bt - must be the love (original mix)

im trying to play these mp3 files on my cdj1000 and display them in a certain way on my cdj1000 so i want to split the filename into 3 parts, like this:

part 1: 1A - 6 - 128 this will be my title
part 2: must be the love (original mix) this will be my album
part 3: arty, nadia ali & bt this will be my artist

i know this doesnt look right (album & artist mixed up) but its all about the way i want it to display on the cdj when change text mode

any help would be really appreciated :slight_smile:

The problem with your filename is that it uses the hyphen as separator between fields and also as part of the string.
It would be much easier if you imported the cryptic numbers into the proper fields and then composed the title again, e.g. use
%discnumber% - %track% - %bpm% - %album% - %artist%

And then apply an action of the type "Format value" for TITLE with the format string
%discnumber% - %track% - %bpm%

Alternatively, you could use this mask for Convert>Filename-Tag:
%title% - %title% - %title% - %artist% - %album%
You will loose the hyphens between numbers, though.

And for the future you should seriously think about using a different field separator in the filenema, e.g. the underscore instead of the hyphen.