See multiple tracks' album art filesize

Hey guys, so I'm finally adding album art to all the music files on my computer, and I also want to replace pre-existing art in files with my own. Particularly, a lot of my tracks have pre-embedded artwork more than 1MB in size, and my thumbnails are never more than 75kb.

When I select a track, it shows me the embedded artwork and tells me its filesize. Is there any way to see the artwork for several tracks at once, or to arrange the list based on album art filesize? This is about 7k files we're talking about here, so anything that'll help automate my process, keep me from missing something, or keep me from accidentally doing something twice would be useful.

Add a new column called Cover Size with Value %_cover_size% and Field %_cover_size%.

You can then sort by Cover Size. There's also a column called Size if you want to look at the total file size.