Seeing Chapter (in a column) or Filtering them

I've been working on editing some audiobooks and cleaning up my library lately. It's been a while since I've done this and I noticed that MP3Tag has added Chapter Support a while back (which is awesome).

I'm trying to clean up audio books and organize them a bit more, possibly re-downloading/replacing them in certain cases. One of those cases is if they have Chapters or not (in the case of .m4b files). I've looked in help, the forums and google, but found nothing other than the ability to turn on the ability to view chapters. This can work for me, and I have tested it but it's not as simple as I'd like and I have to turn it off and on constantly.

So, is their a way to show a column (like Cover Column) that shows if they have Chapters? If that's not possible, is there a way to run a Filter to show those with (or without) Chapters?

Thanks for the answers!

Variable Description
%_subsong% Chapter index for files with chapters
%_subsong_count% Chapter count for files with chapters

from Mp3tag Help - Configuration > Export

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Thanks! I probably wasn't using the correct search term when looking. That worked great for making a column.

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