Select all files of an album or artist


Is there a fast way to select all files from 1 Artist, or from 1 Album? Ofcoarse given those tags are present.

I have to put in Genre tags for many tracks. At this moment I first sort by artist, then select the first file + shift + last file and fill in the tag.
But there might be a smarter way of which I don't know?

I hope there is a way to fast select all tracks from 1 Artist and all tracks from 1 Album.

Thanks, Bert

I think you've figured out pretty much the easiest way from within Mp3tag. But this and similar capabilities, such as a hotkey to select all tracks in a folder, have been requested a lot lately.

The way I do it is to do all my selection from Windows Explorer using the right-click (context) menu on folders and work with just one artist or one album at a time. Since I keep my music organized in an artist/album folder structure, this is pretty easy.

Ok, thanks.

It really would be an advantage if selecting related files would be possible in MP3tag.

I tried to select related folders in Explorer but for some reason when I select more than 15 folders the context MP3Tag contextmenu disappears...


Hit F3 (or View -> Filter) and select the field you want to search for.