Select capital words containing more then 3 letters

Hi There,

I would like to select and keep in my Genre tag only capital words containing more then 3 letters.

I thought a ([A-Z]{3,}) would do the trick but it doesn't.

Can anybody help me out here?
Thanks in advance

Select means Filter?

GENRE MATCHES "(?-i)\u{4,}"

The opposite Filter

NOT GENRE MATCHES "(?-i)\u{4,}"

Note: Per default the Filter is case insensitive.

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Thanks for your fast answer.. it's indeed the "NOT GENRE MATCHES" I need.
However how do I apply this?

I normally work with Replace by Regular expression Action

Kind Regards
Guy Forssman

You may reduce this if-then-clause into one regular expression.
Action "Format value"
Field: GENRE
Formatstring: $if($eql($regexp(%GENRE%,'\u{4,}',),%GENRE%),,%GENRE%)

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Thank you very much for replying but this doesn't seem to be working...
When i apply this to a Genre Tag I don't get the expected result.

Can you tell me please which flavor of regular expression is the closet to what mp3tag uses?
I'm trying to let RegexMagic help me but don't know which flavor to use

Kind Regards
Guy Forssman

A filter like this might help:
"$ifgreater($len(%genre%),3,yes,no)" IS yes

Searching for "Mp3tag regular expression dialect" offers this link:

Thank you very much for clarifying..
I should of course thought about dialect..

I'm not familiar how filtering a list would help me editing the metadata..
In the end I used these 2 groups of regular expression which needs little cleanup.
The first group removes as much as possible Non Letters and spaces.
The latest group is also the latest line.
[ ]{2,} REPLACE BY: nothing
[>]|[.]|[)]|[(]|[¦]|[-]|[']|[\\]|[/]|[:]|\d REPLACE BY: nothing
[ ]{2,} REPLACE BY: nothing
[A-Z][a-z]{3,}|[a-z\s]{2,}|[A-Z]{1,3} : REPLACE BY: nothing case sensitive

Afterwards there's still some cleaning to be done but that whent rather smooth..
Thanks for all the help..specially about the Flavor / Dialect / Language Perl

Kind Regards
Guy Forssman