Select contents of M3U Files


I'm having some difficulty locating a program that can do this, so I wrote one, unfortuantely it has some problem running on certain types of files namely ones that don't have ID3Tags.

Every now and then I will receive MP3 Files that aren't named right


the closure.mp3

These files wind up in one directory and sometimes multiple collections worth.

I do however usually get the M3U or SFV Files.
What I want to see is the capability from a menu to select all files mentioned in the M3U file and sorted into the order they are listed in the file.

The best method might be from a development / architecture pov to treat m3u files as if they were directories, whose tracks are listed in order.

so if the m3u file lists the tracks as


theat they will show up in the list of mp3s in that order and not in alphabetical order. This Provison is a must.

I use Mp3Tag Exclusively for managing my incoming downloads. If you are able to get this feature Implemented I will send you a gift-certificate for or the Apple Music Store, your choice.

you can send an email to my email address when you have a working copy. thanks -J


The latest Development Build supports dropping of m3u-Playlists from Windows Explorer and shows only the contents of the playlist in Mp3tag's file-view.

This feature will be included in the next version Mp3tag V.2.16.

With best regards,
~ Florian