Select/Delete Websource Results


Is there a way to only use selected results of a web-search?
Sometimes I want to leave some existing fields alone, while replacing others. E.g.: I like the way the ALBUM tag is formatted better than the websource result, but the websource gives me additional info like composer, publisher etc.

Also: After a web search, if I've got some songs in the list on the right that don't "fit" in the search results on the left - can I somehow delete the wrong entries on the right, or just ignore them/change them into empty placeholders? So I could tag the files that fit, but leave the others alone?

thanks for any hints!
and thanks for a great program!


This is unfortunately not possible. The only way to achieve this is to adjust the web source script to only import the fields you need.


Ah, OK, thanks. Well, I don't think that would be worth the trouble. Since I normally don't know beforehand what quality the search results will be, I won't know what fields I want to keep or replace....

I noticed that it's possible to edit the search results. This is already great for correcting obvious typos! And it could be a way to a solution for the problem: If an entry is selected and deleted, it could be ignored. As it is now, it will delete the field in your mp3. Do you think this would be a sensible behaviour?

Or, maybe it would be better to add on/off checkboxes for every line and column in the search result dialogue?

If you ever have time for it, do you think that it would be possible to implement one of these ideas?