Select file(s) based on tag value/content

Not seeing any feature like this in the Windows version, or any mention of such in a search of forum posts…

If not already possible, I would like to suggest/request a feature to be able to select one or more files based on one or more tags values or content. For example, select all files in which the COMMENT field equals “Here’s the comment you’re looking for”, or all files in which the TITLE field contains (but does not equal) “[2022-01-04]”, preferably with the possibility to use Regex.

If this is already possible, can someone please give me some clues? The closest I can come up with, which would be practical for my first example when dealing with a large number of files but not for my second example, would be to have a column displayed for the tag field in question, sort on that field, then manually select the desired files.

See the help:

Filter first to reduce the list of displayed files to the matches, then select them and manipulate them.

Ok, thanks. I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit this, but I apparently must have used filtering in MP3Tag at some point before, as my filtering expression field was already populated with something that looked more or less like my handiwork, but evidently I forgot about the feature and failed to think of looking in the View menu.

Anyway, cool, that’s certainly a lot closer to what I’m looking for, though still less than ideal due to its limitations (“It is not possible to filter by strings containing double quotations marks”), and the fact that I’d rather be able to keep all files displayed and just have certain ones selected.

To display all files, but select only those resulting from a specific filter:

  • Load all desired files.
  • Sort files as desired.
  • Apply filter.
  • Select all resulting files.
  • Close filter window.

Isn't this a question of quantities?
If you treat a single album with just 10 or 12 tracks in it, that function may be OK-ish but then it would be also possible to simply select the files in question with Ctrl-click.

As soon as you get more, and specifically more than fit the window and it becomes necessary to scroll - how are you going to see which files need to be selected?
You know that collections with more than 100,000 files have been mentioned in the forum - scrolling through such a selection to "see" which files got selected will take ages, IMHO.
The scrolling would also take a lot of time if you have a lot of hits - but there you simply have to rely on your filter expression that it fits.

The limitation of quotation marks could be overcome with something like
"$strstr(%title%,$char(34))" GREATER 1

Yep, that’s what I’m doing now and will likely keep doing, since it doesn’t sound like there’s much interest in the features I’d like implemented among other users, but my preference would be to not need to switch between a filtered and non-filtered display, which I find introduces a potential for me to miss something.

That’s certainly one factor for my feature request. Another factor is that I often use some tags very verbosely, such as COMMENT and UNSYNCEDLYRICS, which contain too much text to be practical to have their own columns for or to sort based on them, and the substrings within them that I wish to manipulate aren’t necessarily always in the same location, and/or are difficult or impossible to spot quickly, generally requiring me to open them individually in the Extended Tags panel.

OK?! And?!
The filter offers you the option to go through the list one file after the other, even without the need to select all files for the intended manipulation.
Instead, you can leave open the extended tags dialogue and hop from file to (displayed) file with the arrow buttons in the dialogue - something that would not be possible if you had selected the files as then the manipulation would apply to all selected files.
So, please test the filter while you wait for your idea to be implemented and I am sure that in the end you will love it.