Select multiple files won't open Mp3tag


This is a minor complaint - I love this app and use it all the time - but it would be great if the right-click "Mp3tag" option in WinXP worked when multiple items (files, folders) are selected.

It could be my WinXP settings, but whenever I have multiple items highlighted -> right-click -> select "Mp3tag", nothing happens. Then I remember that this doesn't work and instead just highlight one item, do the same thing and all is well. In fact, this actually opens everything in that folder in Mp3tag so it accomplishes the intended goal. Just something I constantly have to remember and not consistent with how other Windows apps work.



Mp3tag works folder based and does not support loading multiple folders once. You would have to manually add them afterwards.

I see that several users are confused because of this and suggest to remove the context menu of audio files / playlists and only add a context menu entry for folders and drives.


On my Windows XP system I can invoke MP3tag via the right click OpenWith dialog.
I really like to click anywhere on a mp3file and have Mp3tag fully opened in the right folder context.



Sebastian's absolutely right (speaking from 10+ years of architecting software apps).