select out of the amazon list


First things first, thanks for this great tool [color=#333333]!

Question .

I have a mp3 song without any tags. I can use the Tagsources using
Nice, i get a list and have the choose the album out of the list. No problems so far.
But when I select within the album the song I am updating (tagging) it goes wrong.
The title song is always the first one of the list ..meaning I always insert the name of the
first song of the album.

What am i doing wrong ?



You must move the song on top of the list.
You can do this by dragging it or in latest beta, there are also shortcuts available:
Alt+Up or Alt+Page Up


Thanks !!! fot the swift reply !


This "solution" is okay for the time being, however, any chance you guys are gonna fix your code so that the song title that's HILIGHTED is parsed and returned as the answer for the tag??? PLEASE????? It's a bit of an inconvenience to have to "Alt-Up" every song in an album just to get it tagged.

Thanks for listening...