Select working path files

General keyboard shortcut
Ctrl+Shift+W Select only files in path of current working directory


Anyone who needs this too? I'll consider adding it, if at least five other users are supporting that feature.

Best regards,
~ Florian

Yes, not bad. I sometimes have to disable reading of subfolders when I want to edit the files in the working directory only (or at least change the sorting to "Path"). :slight_smile:

Thanks Sebastian Mares, anyone else who support this feature?

I definately see the benefit in this, I support it.

I think it would be useful. It has my vote

I can see how this feature would be useful as well.

Along the same lines (and not to hijack this thread), but what about a feature that would change the working directory based on the first item selected in a group. Using milka's pic as an example, what if I select the items in Album 1, perhaps having a right click or shortcut that would switch the working directory to that directory. Then, I could load my entire "e:\music\mp3" directory, and not have to reload individual albums to get the proper working directory.

Just a thought.

You can use "One file per directory" when exporting and %_directory% in export file. If that can help.

~ milka

Yes - would be a great feature, actually.
Please implement it, if you can.

Great application, btw - keep on rocking!!!

Would have voted for this a year ago if I had seen it. So I do it today.

How about a double-rightclick to select all files in a single directory? :slight_smile: So you double right-click any file, and all other files in a directory get selected. And double-right-click with shift and it'll select all files in a folder and then automatically fire up a FreeDB lookup on that group of files. :smiley:

Nice, but maybe a bit too unsual?
Ctrl+Shift+W would work fine for me, how about this addition:
Imagine Ctrl+Shift+W selectes all files in the path of the currently selected file as milka suggested.
When you press Ctrl+Shift+W and all files in that path ARE already selected it could move down to the first file thats NOT yet selected and select all files in that path. Thus you could hit Ctrl+Shift+W and Ctrl+Shift+I alternating for tagging one album after the next very smoothly. (Of course the files should be sorted by path already)
Super 'workflow' imho...

WebReaper's idea is not so bad but it's not what I suggested, I remain at my idea.

Better late than never :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
+1 From me.

Could come in handy at times.