Selected directory changed sometimes without user

I am running the Mp3Tag on Windows and observed a strange behavior of Mp3tag.

Sometimes when I start Mp3tag again after a while of inactivity the directory shown in the directory entry field of MP3tag is NOT the same as the last time I set it.

Lets say I set it 2 weeks ago to H:\music.
Now its surprisingly D:\data\mp3tag\

I never changed it (in Mp3tag).

Its not reproducable but happened multiple times in the past.
Maybe its because the network drive H:\ was temporarily not available.
Maybe its a side effect of some Registry changes by other programs.
I don't know.

However I am sure its a bug.

The directory appearing in the entry field "directory" should stay until I change it manually in Mp3tag

Pls, fix it. Thank you

If the previously used folder or configured startup folder is not available, e.g.,

Mp3tag opens the program folder, e.g.,


Ok, I guess you want to tell me that this is done intentionally by MP3tag

What, if users want to keep the non-existing directory?
At least as a selectable entry in the drop down list (=it is removed even there)?

When a (temporarily) non-existing directory is selected then MP3tag should popup a warning and remind the user to connect to the network drive before resume.

Where can I open an official feature request?

see here:

Alternatively, you could setup your PC to automatically connect to the network drive.
You would have to set a drive letter for this path.
This would then be used by MP3tag.
And you would get an error message if that drive is not available - issued by Windows.