Selecting 10 titles out of 2000


am i just too stupid, or too new in this?

i have about 2000 mp3s by now in my folder. when i find out
i need MP3TAG to work on just 10 of them, what do i do?

-- read in all 2000, then select 10, then work on them?

slow slow slow ...

-- move the 10 to another folder, then read i this one, work

on them, then move them back? complicated for no reason.

-- creating a playlist, then using that. ideal?

there MUST be an easier way i have overlooked. like selecting,
before reading them in one by one, the files out of an folder.
tagging them one by one, or in groups, the usual WINDOWS way,
only then reading them in.

greetings, a bit stupified - heinz - :frowning:


Hello Heinz,

Mp3tag works based on directories. The only way, to work on a per-file base is via playlists.

Best regards,
~ Florian


florian, tks for the quick reply. understood, so it wasnt me.
but does it make sense? if i find o n e item to correct, to
first create a playlist or a directory? or read in 2000 songs?

wouldnt some kind of selection method be a good idea for
the next update?

what do others think?

greetings - heinz -



I think it would be better if Mp3Tag would treat the files added by drag & drop as a playlist instead of reading the folder where they are (now it's a little bit strange, the folder is read both if the folder is dragged and if a file in it is dragged into the list view).
Beside this, adding files to currently viewed files after drag & drop would IMHO be better than replacing them (or maybe something with ctrl/shift/alt + drag for other methods).