Selecting an Album with one click

Hi there, the software is really getting better and better all the time. So thought why not to send a small
improvement also. Like:

  • When the artist and album fields are filled with data. It would be handy to be able to select the all records with the same (artist, album) data with one click. So for instance fetching data from an online database would be easier and faster.
  • Track ordering is when you load a bunch of records. The order is often not chronological.

Greetings Mimeal

MP3tag does not compare the contents of files. So MP3tag does not know anything about albums.
You can set filters so that you see only a set of files. Then there is Ctrl-A to select all displayed files.
You can sort by the values in a column if you click on the column header.
If you have special criteria to sort by, you can set them in the column definition in "Sort by".
So if you want to sort by ALBUM and then by TRACK, an entry like the following would sort the files accordingly, when you click on the header of the column that shows TRACK:
Sort by: %album%$num(%track%,3)

And just why %track%,3 and not %track%,2?

so that you can cope with up to 999 tracks per album and not just 99