Selecting Multiple Directories

I am trying to select multiple directories from the Explorer context menu but MP3Tag won't run. If I select just one directory, it will work properly and gathers all the files from the subdirectories. The workaround is fairly simple, just place all the directories I wish to load into their own directory and select that, but my expectation is that selecting multiple directories should load as well as just a single directory.

Or, am I missing something?

BTW, this program is one of my most treasured pieces of software and I have donated to Florian twice. I am a huge fan and am regularly surprised and delighted as I find more an more of its capabilities.

After you have selected the first directory, you can drag&drop further folders into mp3tag while pressing the CTRL-key.
This should also work with several selected folders in the Windows Explorer.

A function to add folders to the currently loaded files is also available in the toolbar (add folder)

Update: something is definitely wrong, I also cannot select multiple FILES from the Explorer MP3Tag context menu.

Any clues on what I can do to reset it back to the normal behavior? I've uninstalled/reinstalled MP3Tag but no joy.

Thanks in advance.

If you inherited the music collection from the installation of a former windows installation it may be worth checking whether you have sufficient access rights.
The user id you use should be member of the granted permissions.
It is not enougth to be administrator on a pc.

Unlikely to be a permission issue since the same files will load MP3Tag when selected one file at a time. The problem only pops up when selecting multiple files or directories.

Thanks, though!

Is it only unlikely or is it really not the case?
I do not have this issue, so I cannot test it. You can, though.
Esp. if you can open the files from within Mp3tag, it is most likely that the interface between Explorer and MP3tag is not up to standard. And as I cannot look over your shoulder, you have to find out what is different in your system in comparison to the times when it worked.
My ideas can only point into corners where you might not have looked.

Sorry to be a bother. I am very ashamed to admit that a reboot of Windows solved the problem. My mentor always said, "If something is goofy with Windows always try a reboot." Truer words were never spoken.

So sorry to waste everyone's time and thanks to ohrenkino for trying to help.