Selecting multiple files to add Cover causes lyrics erased

If I insert covers on several files at once and save them, the lyrics in all files will be deleted.

I can't reproduce that.
What kind of files are these?
What are your settings to read, write and delete tags?
Which tag version are already present in the files?
Where do you save the lyrics?

  • all files are mp3s
  • i select 1 album of songs then paste Album Cover Art in Tab Panel and saves them. All existing lyrics will be deleted
  • Tag version: ID3v2.3
  • all lyrics save inside UNSYNCEDLYRICS

Thank you.
Which now leaves to clarify which tag versions you have in the files.
Are there any APE tags?
Do you read them?
Do you write them?
And: does this happen only if you select more than one file or always?

Forgive my ignorance. I thought I knew the problem. I should have chosen keep as the Default value in the UNSYNCEDLYRICS Tag Panel. I understand now. The problem has been taken care of. Thanks.

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