Selection checkboxes for easier management

hello everyone here,

i think and really need to manage my music files by the help of checkboxes or flag column in the main properties table like shown in the attached pic, with checkboxes i can navigate between files in the list, i can see file properties in the "tag panel"
and select only files i want to edit by clicking the checkbox,

with the current design of the program when i press ctrl to select multicable files, once i selected more than a file, the "tag panel" doesn't display current file tags, it goes to edit mode and now i can't see the properties of the file i clicked,

sorry for my bad language, i hope the attached mock pic will clear things out.

thank you ...

I do not think that this would be an "easier" management. It would be different.
If you want to get a subset of files, then usually the filter is an option.
So you could add a user-defined field that you set with some kind of value which can be filtered. You could set this value with a field in the tag-panel after you selected the files that you want to edit.
Or you create a playlist of the selected files and load that playlist which would lead to display only the files that you selected before.
If only the files with the ticked checkbox would be edited - how would you check the checkbox in the first place? The unchecked files would be skipped (or at least this is what I understood).

Yes. And I bet that this will stay the way it is as only this behaviour ensures that you can set the same data in several files.

This is by design. All fields with the same content are displayed as-is. All fields that have more than one display a choice in the tag panel to by default, or can be selected with a drop-down or can be overwritten if a change is required.

A check box is no different than a Ctrl-click for selecting files, but adds unnecessary clutter to the display in my opinion.

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ok, maybe i didn’t use a proper words to describe my case, so here is a second try, when i do a search in the filter bar a bunch of files appear in the “tags grid”, usually i don’t edit all the files appeared in the search result at once, i start to pick the files that match my criteria, and here the problem begins, i want to see “file name, title, artist, album artist, length, path, modified date, comment, composer”, some fields like “path, comment” usually very long, i can’t expand all columns because the screen won’t be enough and i will start scroll left and right, in this case the “tag panel” become a better and comfort option to see each file property.

what i wanted in my first post is a way to collect these files “after seeing its tags in the comfortable tag panel view” in a something like basket with some tool like a checkbox or marking flag then i batch edit them “the selected files” by clicking a toolbar button, maybe you don’t see this important, but selecting the right files from a messy list to apply some actions is not an easy task right now, i hope i was able to deliver a good picture of my idea.

maybe i wasn’t clear enough so please read my reply below.

Perhaps you missed my comments as well…

This is your current workflow.
My only suggestion for the time being is to use the already existing functions:

The filter has a number of logic operators that allow to combine several criteria. I do see that thinking about a complicated filter expression may be a little over the top when simply clicking a couple of times would be much quicker. So, go ahead an click just like you would have done if the checkboxes were there.
But as they are not, you can use the selected files an create a playlist and load that one - the playlist will now lead to a list of files that only contains the previously selected files.

Alternatively, do not create a playlist but set a user-defined field, e.g. "checkforedit" and set a value of 1. Now filter %checkforedit% IS 1 - and you will get the list of files that you treated before, ready for editing.
So you only have to adapt your workflow a little and you will get what you want: A list in which you have only the selected files.

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maybe i wasn’t clear enough so please read my reply below.

no i didn't, i just thought it could be done by some sub-routine in the app code, apparently it isn't, still one of the best taging programs out there, with alot of features that need to be discovered, i will digg more in the app option i may find a good workaround for my needs, thank you for all the hard work and consumed time to craft this gem.

i will also take a good overview of what people say here in the community topics, i maybe inspired by some thoughts.

out of curiosity if you wanna say, what is ur favorite music player ?? :eyes:

have a good day, and i repeat my thanks :heart::heart:

this looks like a good workaround that only useful if you will apply a specific action one time to a large no. of files, but in my case applying different edits and actions to different group of files is not very practical as i need to flag select, do the filter, apply the actions, then clear the flag from the files, and start over again with another group and another criteria, sounds like alot of hassle.

but thanks for the good idea it self, i may digg around it and find a way to achieve my goal :white_check_mark::white_check_mark:.

p.s. can you recommend a good healthy music player as i do migrate my collection from the old player :eyes: !!

thank you and have a good day :heart::heart:

What about foobar2000? Available for Windows and Android

It is hard to read it, when there are no dots in it. It is just one long sentence- painful to go through