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Bonjour à tous, je voudrai savoir si on peut une créer une Action équivalent à celle du menu édition CTRL+N
Si cela est possible elle me faciliterait énormément mon travail

Merci d'avance pour votre aide


Actions always work on all of the selected files.
So what does a workflow look like in which such an action would be needed?
(And answer in English please)

My question seemed to me simple yet waiting for a simple answer
I work a lot with my mouse since I use pre-written tags which I copy thanks to
action groups that I created to validate my tags.
the problem I encounter is that the ENTER key or the down arrow key is not active with the AACTION menu open and I must therefore select
manually with the mouse either directly the mp3 or make menu etc.
my question was simply to know if i could create an action which would automatically select me the line below
of the active one rather than using the enter or menu key etc ...
here I hope to have been clear enough
Thanks for your help
(a little hello at the beginning of the message is more correct I know we French people are like that)

Admittedly, my answer was a little indirect as I could not imagine why one would need an action when pressing the cursor keys or the Ctrl-N is so much easier than opening a menu, scrolling to the right function, clicking on it.

So the sort answer is: no, there is no such function.

If you have a number of actions that you use frequently, I wonder whether it would be possible to filter for files that need treatment by one of these action groups, so that you can edit them in one go. This would reduce the need to select the next file that often.

Hello again,
I already tried to select several files at the same time to modify certain identical values ​​but after validation the name of the albums had disappeared I resolved to process the files one after the other by creating action groups!
after a crash of my hard drive I found myself and I still do not know why with 249000 MP3 who lost their TAG and comment

thank you however for your help

you could check if those files have APE tags - and then check the settings in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg how you treat APE tags.
It could be that you see the (reduced) contents of APE tags which are out of sync with the ID3 tags.

Thank you very much for this info it works very well, I will be able to sort now and I will save a lot of time