Selective deletion of tags

How to delete different types of tags selectively via MP3Tag?

I know the only one way to delete the whole tags (Ctrl + R) but this is not what I need.
As for me, I need to delete APEv2 tags only (from my huge MP3 collection of 108+ thousand tracks).
How to do that?

I use MP3Tag 2.81b

Have a look at
Tools -> Options -> Tags -> MPEG -> Remove.
There you have to uncheck all but Ape

But are you sure, that you don't loose tags if you do so? Maby it is necesarry to move some Ape-tags to ID3V2 before.

Why "all but APE"? Why is it so, because I need v.v. to remove strictly APEv2?

I don't know the operational scheme of this process, therefore I can't answer you.
On the other hand, why the other tags will be deleted if I work with APEv2 only?

If you uncheck ID3V1 and ID3V2 and leave only Ape ckecked there will only Ape tags been removed with "Remove Tags"-command.

There will be no other tags removed.
But it is possible that files don't have the same content in ID3v2-tags and the corresponding Ape-Tags and what you see in MP3Tag are maybe only the contents of Ape-Tags.
So it may be necessary to transfer Ape-Tags to ID3v2.

The only way to see if your ID3V2-Tags are complete as you want is to
set the appropiate Read-setting in
Tools -> Options -> Tags -> MPEG -> Read
to ID3V2 only. (uncheck Ape)
and load the files.

An example:
There maybe an Ape-Tag "ALBUM" filled and not an ID3v2-Tag "ALBUM".
So removing the Ape-Tags you will loose the information about the album.
There may also be different tag-content in the Ape-Tag "ALBUM" and the ID3V2-Tag "ALBUM".
If you tell MP3Tag in the options to read all tags the prority to show the tag content is
Ape - ID3v2 - ID3v1
So if you have checked to read all tags, a present content of an Ape-Tag will show in MP3Tag regardless if there is other content for this tag or no tag content at all in ID3v2-Tags.

Many thanks to you! I fully understood your think. Will check first. Then clear if possible.