Selective Tag Copy

The tag copy and paste feature is great but it copies and pastes every tag field from one album to another. Is there any way that you can just copy multiple titles from one album and paste them to another without changing all the other fields on the 2nd album?

Useing copy & paste for this purpose in MP3Tag is not a comfortable choice.

  • mark all fieds that shall have the same tag-value in the list view and set the special tag equal in the tag-panel (Down arrow at the right sight of the field)

Thanks for the reply but I don't understand what you mean. Could you please elaborate?

I think that ist because I probably misunderstood your question.
I read it now again and noticed the word "multiple" titles.
You probably mean with this several tags with different content?
If so forget my answer. It refers to several tags with the same content.

What you could do in this case is to export the content of the tag to a text-files and import it again with the converter "Textfile - Tag".

Thanks, I'll look into the import feature.