Semi manual numbering necessary?

Whenever I use MP3Tag and I tag a complete Album afterwards I need to hit the button to apply the track and disc numbering.
Is there a special need for?
I mean, when I've got a complete album tagged with the corresponding information, i.e. from discogs, I have to do so - even after I already put the tracks in the right order in the previous window.
So the correct information should already been in place or do I miss something?

The discogs-script delivers tracknumber and discnumber. So if you don't want another format for TRACK and DISCNUMBER there is no need to apply the MP3Tag autonumbering wizard.

Which discogs script? I like it like this: Track: 5/12; Disk: 2/3

The discogs-tagsource-script that comes with MP3Tag.
This script delivers no totaltracks or totaldisks after a slash.
So if you want it like this you you need the tracknumbering wizard.

So as it is build in there is probably no wasy for an end-user to edit it?

Sorry I was not aware that you are posting in the MAC-section of the forum.