semi-OT - related software - fixing incorrect tags

Hi - been using mp3tag for about a year - it's pretty much perfect, I must say. A semi-OT question:

I've noticed that occasionally when I'm tagging a set of mp3's for a friend (i.e. mp3's I didn't produce myself) that the length (in minutes/seconds) or bitrate will be crazily wrong - e.g., 32 kbps reported bitrate for an mp3 I know should be 192, a reported length of 20 minutes for a 5-minute-long piece of music...

Is there a piece of software out there that can detect the actual length/bitrate of an mp3 and "re-embed" it so that mp3tag shows the correct info?

Hope this is a coherent question - thanks much -

foobar2000 (file context menu/Utils/Fix VBR MP3 Header)


Awesome, thanks!

mp3val ("It checks ... track length stored in the VBR header.")

HDH, andreas