Send weekly summary by default

I'm not sure if this is intentional, but
When I don't visit here, send me an email summary of popular topics and replies - weekly
is checked by default which means you might have a lot of email traffic at the end of the week on your server and may annoy lots of users...

Do you think it's annoying?

It's currently the default and currently only applies to members who have visited in the past year. So it's not sent to everyone. You can easily opt out at :gear: Preferences > Emails > Activity Summary.

It's a bit sketchy because I never opted-in. It's like a weekly newsletter and newsletters should always be opt-in.

I already unchecked it in the prefs.

Just wanted to warn you. Impact might be not as bad as I feared because it's only for users that visited in the last year (I thought it's for all).

Also consider that not everyone who doesn't want that email will unregister but will just mark it as spam which negatively impacts the trustworthyness of your email server.

I've disabled it for all to prevent further confusion about this. Everyone who like this, can now opt-in at
:gear: Preferences > Emails > Activity Summary.


The more reasonable decision in my eyes, thank you :wink:
I hope to have helped avert damage from the project.

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