Sending files to FileDate Changer does not work - AND - Mp3tag overrides fonts system settings

There is this freeware software by NirSoft called FileDate Changer. It allows for tampering with 3 kinds of dates of files

The problem is that I am unable to send filed to it from Mp3tag via the Tools > Options > Tools feature. As a parameter I tried using fo it "%_PATH%" plus its variations written with minuscule and without quotes. I did also that with both the for all selected files box being checked and unchecked. All I get is the window of the software but loaded up in a wrong way- because it is blurred

This is the kind of blur that some older software have on newer operating systems; which can be taken care of by right clicking the EXE file and going to

Properties > Compatibility > Settings > Change high DPI settings > High DPI scaling override > Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling Performed by: > Application

But this is not the case, because FileDate Changer started normally on my system is not blurred. And to further attest to that is the fact that Mp3tag somehow changes the size of its window- the pasted below screenshot shows the normally opened FileDate Changer at the top, with the one on the bottom having been evoked by Mp3tag

And this is why I am posting this in the bug section of the forum, as this second wrongness is apparently done specifically by Mp3tag

But what is also interesting is the difference between how the check boxes look like at the correct [top] version- they are temporarily messed up because of my [temporal] damages done to the system's fonts [Which system fonts can be removed from Windows 10 without affecting Mp3tag appearance? [And how?]]. But the incorrect [bottom] version shows them as they should look like- how is that even possible? From where does Mp3tag take these graphical elements when using the Tools > Options > Tools feature?

I am using Windows 10 Enterprise x64 18362.239 with Mp3tg 2.96 and FileDate Changer 1.1

How do you know that the program uses command line parameters?
And if so: which ones would they be? What does the syntax look like?

I just checked this page:
and it says in bold letters
"Notice: FileDate Changer is obsolete. "
This program is from 2002 and apparently cannot cope with your environment.
I do not see anything that qualifies as an MP3tag bug.

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I just assumed it does. And I just copied that "%_PATH%" from other entries that I have working in my `Tools > Options > Tools

That is often what I do as I am not a programmer: simply modify / re-use what I already have. Sometimes it does not work, sometimes it does. [The latest example of the latter on is when I managed to finally crack on a bug in Winamp, by comparing registry hacks that I already had in place-
a bug that was driving me crazy for years. It is a long story]

Maybe I should have stayed a little longer on that IT course before moving to a different school

But it still works

It can- it just that Mp3tag makes it weird

But you are probably right. But would also also other software would open it in such way?

So leaving the usage of FileDate Changer behind I am switching to BulkFileChanger [because after testing it I can see that my workflow will be speed up by it]. Is the Command-Line Options section at the syntax of it? And [as I understand what you said about syntax and what I read on that site] there is also no way to send files from Mp3tag to it?

But still: I tried just one combination for sending files to BulkFileChanger- and Mp3tag again turned a third party software into a visually outdated blur. I open BulkFileChanger via its EXE- it look OK. I use Mp3tag to evoke it- its window is blurred

And still this

is a vital question [in hope of resolving that issue with fonts and getting to know how Windows 10 operates]