Separating Information into Multiple Fields


I have what I suspect is a basic question but I'm not figuring out what to do.

  1. My files names are like this:
    03-Annie Lennox _ No More I Love You's.mp3

When encoded the title came in as:
Annie Lennox / No More "I Love You's"

The artist came in as:

How do I separate info so I get the title and artist here separated? I tried tag converting and actions such as separate but am not figuring out the right way to accomplish this.

Basically I have a lot of compilation albums where the artist is current various and I want to create this and the artist is typically part of the file name and or part of the title.

What have your tried? It would be easier to help if we could have started somewhere.

Try Converter>Filename-Tag
Mask: %track%-%artist% _ %title%

There is a preview in the function. if you do not see that TRACK, ARTIST and TITLE will get data then the example that you gave us does not match your filename. It would then be easier if you showed us a screendump of files from which you want to import data.

Thank you. This is what I needed. I appreciate your answer and time.

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